Womens Fitness

Training specifically designed to improve your health, fitness performance and confidence. 

We provide an approach to training that delivers long term, sustainable health, fitness and performance results. Our training isn't designed around fads, it's designed with long term success in mind. Commonly gyms have the image of being places for guys in vests or fitness fanatics. This isn't the case at Metta Box, we provide world class training to ordinary people in a supportive, welcoming environment. We have just as many women as men at Metta Box and it's not unusual for the ladies to show the guys how it's done!

Training that works 


Our programs aren't random, they're proven by science. We'll help you develop everything from the way you move, to your different energy systems. Following our training and making improvements in your lifestyle under the guidance of our Coaches is guaranteed to get you into the best shape of your life, physically and mentally.


Metta Box is an environment where women thrive. Our programs will develop your mobility, your strength and fitness concurrently. We've become pros at adapting programs to suit your individual needs and goals. 

Sustainable Results


Our training isn't designed to give you quick results then let you 'fall of the wagon'. Our training is constantly adapted, taking your goals and fitness levels into consideration to deliver ongoing optimal results. If you have an area of weakness, we'll address that, if you have an area you're excelling in, we'll help you progress further. The key is we'll keep you getting better for the rest of your life.


"training here i've got fitter than i've ever been before in my life"
kate coley 47
"here it's so much more personal, you feel like its one on one"
roseanna tawfik 26



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