Athlete Programming

Our athlete programming creates a systematic approach towards optimal performance levels, if you want to take part in competitive fitness, we've got your back

For some of us, being fit isn't enough, we want to be the best and be able to show that we're the best. Competing in the sport of CrossFit is as rewarding as it is challenging. We specialise in helping normal people achieve athlete levels of fitness without spending three hours a day in the gym. Our Coaches will support you in breaking down the complex task of being good at everything and paint a roadmap to success one bit at time.

Training that works 


If you want to compete, you need to have three heads where you excel. Strength, Gymnastics and Conditioning across multiple energy systems. Using our movement mapping and work capacity systems you'll be able to see visually where you are and what you need to do to get to your goals.

Our Coaches are experts in teaching complex skills along with understanding what you need to do to develop.


We've found other gyms lack the structure required to achieve long term competitive standard results. We provide a system that allows weekly development of all the skills required to be an athlete along with the support needed to get optimal results. 

Sustainable Results


Most of us have lives and other commitments. Metta Box Coaches will work with you to ensure your getting the most reward for your effort. Our Coaches will also guide you through lifestyle choices and keep you on track long term. When you no longer want to compete, you'll have a foundation of health and fitness strong enough to impact the rest of your life.


"training here i've got fitter than i've ever been before in my life"
kate coley
"here it's so much more personal, you feel like its one on one"
Andy chard



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