Men's Fitness

Keep your confidence, independence and performance levels improving for the rest of your life 

When most men decide to get into training they inevitably get pushed into 'extremes' that aren't really relevant to their goals. We know we need to maintain muscle and strength so we get pushed into body building, we want to improve our 'fitness' so we get pushed into endurance training. At Metta Box we provide an enjoyable approach to training that develops your fitness as a whole. Under the guidance of our Coaches you'll get leaner, faster, stronger and more confident physically and mentally. `The most common feedback we get is "I wish I had found you earlier".

Training that works 


We'll provide you with training that works for a variety of reasons. We'll help you develop across multiple areas of fitness instead of just one. You'll build muscle, improve strength, improve gymnastics and develop multiple energy systems. Not only does this deliver optimal results, it keeps your training interesting and makes you feel great.


We create programs that improve your health, fitness and performance levels concurrently. You'll be getting rid of pain in your joints whilst losing body fat, whilst building muscle. All in an environment you'll love.

Sustainable Results


We'll adapt your training as you get fitter for as long as you train with us. You'll be getting better, learning new skills and hitting personal bests for years to come. If your goals change, we'll adapt your training to suit and our Coaches will make sure that your training is suitable to your age and current fitness levels. 


"I used to suffer from back pain, now i've learnt to lift that's gone away"
Adam sheridan
"The quality of coaching and the variation has been really eye opening for me"
Neil cleaver



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