One-to-one Personal Training

Sometimes we want or need something extra, full individual attention

Although we have created our service to capitalise on the dynamics of group and small group training, we understand that sometimes 1-2-1 attention is needed. Maybe you are recovering from an injury, you need a completely tailored program and or you just prefer the luxury of training 1-2-1. We've got expert Coaches who are ready to help you smash your goals. 

Training that works 


We'll help you focus on your goals with laser focus. You'll have the option to pre book 2-3 sessions a week and we'll fit your program around that. We'll use industry leading training to get you into the best shape of your life and keep you there. You'll also receive access to all of our other services and get a full range of lifestyle support.


Sometimes we want or need the luxury of 1-2-1 training. We'll ensure you get a gold star service and systematically set and achieve goals. It might start off with getting rid of pain but then change to your first muscle up.

Sustainable Results


Part of our mission is that your results are sustainable long term. We'll ensure that your building a rock solid foundation that will carry you into the future. We'll also ensure that you are learning about yourself, your lifestyle and what you need to do to thrive. You can't train at Metta Box and not learn.


"i've got fitter than i've ever been in my life. the coaches are fabulous, they look to your individual need" 
Kate COley 47
"training i did before was one dimensional, the quality of coaching is really eye openeing"
Neil cleaver 42



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