CrossFit Group Training

An approach to training that delivers a life time of results and makes training more enjoyable than ever before.

The group class at Metta Box is like no training experience you have had before. Our group program is designed in a way that you will never plateau, get bored or just feel like a number. Led by expert Coaches that care, you'll learn how to move and learn a variety of skills ranging from olympic weightlifting to gymnastics. Our workouts are always different, even if you train with us for years you'll do completely new workouts every week.

You'll get looked after like you've never been looked after before in a training environment.

You'll enjoy training and get results for years to come.

Training that works 


Our training isn't random, it's cleverly designed to develop your whole fitness like never before. Our expert Coaches will help you to incorporate a variety of weightlifting, conditioning and gymnastics skills into your training. Everything you do you'll get better at, we'll teach you to row, teach you to run, teach you do pull ups and teach you to lift weights.

Our group training is designed with your success in mind. The varied nature of the training develops your total fitness like never before and keeps you adapting long term. It's addictve and fun.

Sustainable Results


More often than not, people love training at first then drop off due to injury, boredom or burn out. We ensure that doesn't happen. We'll guide you through training at the right pace so you don't get injured, the varied nature of our program will keep you interested for as long as you do it and we'll make sure you're training at the right pace!


"I'm fitter and stronger, everything about it makes you want to come back more and morE"
Adam James 34 - Leanne James 31
"I'm fitter, i can do more, i'm a lot more confident in myself, the box is an hour of escapism for me" 
lorraine keeley 



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