A unique blend of personal and group training that you'll love and that is designed to get you the results you deserve, for life.

We Understand Fitness

"What really makes us stand out at Metta Box is we get what fitness is to normal people. It's not getting  huge muscles or running a marathon. It's feeling amazing in our bodies, having good energybeing pain free and being able to move well for the rest of our lives. It's knowing that we're getting better every week. Every detail of everything that we do is designed with this in mind"

At Metta Box we believe that training should be a part of everyones life, should be something that is enjoyed and something that delivers ongoing results. All of our training is led by expert coaches and follows our methodology of helping people improve their health, fitness and performance levels.

Through years of getting amazing results with hundreds of different people we have developed an approach to fitness we believe is optimal.

Our memberships allow our clients to benefit from the lifelong Metta Process with a mixture of group and personal training. This unique blend allows you to benefit from the atmosphere of functional group training and the individual attention of personal training.

"Get the benefits of industry leading personal training & group training all under one roof"

Small Group Personal Training

Constantly achieve your personal goals and smash your weaknesses without the cost of 1-2-1 training.

Addressing weaknesses and smashing personal goals is one of the most rewarding aspects of training. Our small group personal training enables you to focus the areas you want to focus on. You'll set quarterly and annual goals with your Coach and then work towards them on a weekly basis.

Small group personal training setting (1 coach to a maximum of 4 people) delivers all the benefits of 1-2-1 with the encouragement of the group dynamic.

Our small group personal training sessions allow you to engage in personal training long term. It's more affordable than 1-2-1 and with more than 40 sessions a week it's much more convenient. Instead of just an hour, you get all of the support, guidance and extra classes outside of your personal training.

CrossFit Group Training

Our approach to health and fitness is specifically designed to help you succeed, wherever you may be at in life or in fitness.

Our group training picks up where most others fail. Led by expert coaches, our group sessions allow you to engage in a constantly varied, varying intensity functional movement program that delivers results for life. You'll never get bored or plateau at Metta Box as the sessions are programmed to be different every week. 

Led by expert Coaches, you'll never feel like your just a number in a Metta Box session. We create an electric atmosphere and an industry leading training program that is as fun as it is effective.

Our group session are completely adapted to your fitness levels and goals. You'll feel just as looked after in our group sessions as you would a 1-2-1. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit?

Absoulutely not. We specialise in helping people get into the best shape of their lives, not just getting fit people fitter. Our highly trained coaching team are experts in making sure that you are doing training that is most appropriate to you taking into account your age, medical conditions, current fitness levels and much more. Our members range in age from under 5 to over 70. Our memebrs range in fitness from totally unfit to athletes, it's what makes Metta Box magic.

Does it matter how old I am?

Not at all. Regardless of your age, shape and or fitness level we will tailor the training you do to most appropriately match your needs and goals. It's never too late to start looking after your health. Our expert team of coaches and wonderful community of people will make you feel right at home no matter what age, shape, size or fitness level you might be.

What if I have aches, pains or and injuries?

MOST ongoing aches pains and injuries are actually caused or made worse by not moving. The Metta Box coaching teams are experts in teaching people to move properly in a way that significantly reduces or gets rid of aches pains and injuries. If you have a permanent injury or disability we will adapt your training to be highly effective but accomodating. We've had people come to us with herniated disks being told they will never train again, they are now living pain free and training the same as anybody else.

What If I register then change my mind?

No stress, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Unlike many commercial gyms, we hate the thought of charging money to someone who doesn't train with us.

What if I am away for a part of my trial?

Just let us know and we'll extend your trial to cover the period you have missed.

How much does it cost after the trial?

Our prices range from £99 up to £220 per month depending of the training you want to follow and level of support you would like. We will suggest what we think is most appropriate to you after your 30 day trial.

Am I committing to anything?

No, the idea of charging people money when they are not sure if they want to train with us sits very uncomfortably with us. Our 30 day trial is designed to let you really get a feel for us and what we do before you consider making any commitments.

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