Home WoD Mon 06-04-2020

Home Workout of the Day

AMRAP 4 + 2min Rest x 4 10 x Above parallel tuck jumps 10 x (left) forward & back lunges 10 x (right) forward & back lunges 20 x raised feet shoulder taps 2 minutes rest

Engine Workout of the Day

30 Minute Sprint Intervals 5 minute warm up (jogging) For 20 minutes: 30 seconds sprint 60 seconds recover (jog) 5 minutes cool down (jogging)


Accumulate 3 mins in each of the following positions: Hollow Hold Arch Hold/Superman Hollow Plank Hold Gymnastics WoD: 4 Rounds 10 x Push Ups (Knees or Chair if needed) 30 x Double Unders (If you don't have a rope, do 30 lateral jumps over a line)

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